This is an amazing film made by young people about sexual harassment, cat calling and violence against women and girls. The film is from the young women’s perspective on how it feels to be cat called, intimidated, harassed and stalked. The project was created with a group of young people from Sheffield who are part of the South Yorkshire Police Young Peoples Independent Advisory Group. It gives real practical advice about what can be done to protect all people from harassment.

My Pockets worked with the group, leading a remarkable discussion about catcalling and sexual harassment.  As the conversation developed we gained real insight into what young people are having to deal with in the streets and in their lives.  From vans pulling up beside them when they are in their school uniforms, to being filmed in secret and uploaded to social media.  It was a shocking and moving conversation.

We wrote a script with the group to cover as much of the discussion as possible and worked to try and make a film that is useful, practical and deals with the issue of sexual harassment head on.  We wanted to address the film to boys and men and empower them to do something about this problem.  We are really proud of this animation and everyone who has contributed to it being such a powerful film.

If you would like to screen the film please get in touch.  We want people to see it everywhere.  You can download clips and stills from the film to share here on Google Drive.

The animation was produced in East Yorkshire by My Pockets for Community Youth Services, Sheffield City Council.

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