Fuzzfeed and Fuzzbox are comedies using the real conversations of teenagers and delinquent puppets that look just like them.  Fuzzbox was a BBC Three Comedy Feed reviewed here  by the Evening Standard 'Fuzzbox comes from a different place. Funny, honest and touching.'   The show was also featured in the Sunday Times, trended on Twitter and connected with teenagers watching late night TV across the UK.  Our favourite comment was - 'How the F**K do these guys know what me and my mates in Hereford talk about???'
We then went on the create Fuzzfeed for Hull City of Culture where we found four lads from Winifred Holtby school who made us laugh even before they walked in the door.  Together we made Fuzzed films all through Hulls year as City of Culture, the lads become volunteers, assisted CEO Martin Green in his evaluation and visited the Turner Prize.  
Making Fuzzbox and Fuzzfeed has been an absolute blast.

Director - Peter Snelling
Producer - Sally Snelling
Puppets - Marc Parrett
Camera - James Price

Produced for BBC Three and Hull 2017 by My Pockets

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