Monster Extraction is a My Pockets project where people identify the monsters in their lives and then write the songs that they might sing as they try and find a way to be released.

We worked with a group of people who care for someone with dementia.  Together we created this song and film.  Here are 3 things that the group said about the project-

'The first session I cried....  It was just the chance to talk.'

'It brings you out of yourself and you listen to what other people have to say.  I've learned from other people.  Sometimes they have their points of view that are different to what you have yourself.  But you can say what you want and nobody worries about it.'

'I love making the song... it’s incredibly creative because you’re not using anything other than what’s in your head -  to be able to write a piece is incredible! It’s relaxing – I think it’s a release of energy – I think it’s a mixture of physical and mental release'

The project is supported by Spirit of 2012, DCMS and Butterflies.   It was created by My Pockets, Marc Parrett and James Price from our base in Yorkshire.

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