We created this animation 'Our Children' for Adopt London after working on a film for them about support during Covid.  They wanted to make a film that asked potential adopters to keep an open mind over the children that they might provide a loving home for.  To think more broadly about who they could love.
These children have things that are complicated about them, and things that are straightforward, like all of us.  In some ways, it’s impossible to separate these things out. The shy ones can be the most thoughtful, the ones with too much energy may be the most likely to get involved in things first, the ones with a disability are the most resilient, and the ones with the most difficult lives can have the funniest stories.
For us, real family life is better than cleaned-up family life anyway. Having chips for tea and sitting on the sofa is where our own families have the best times and that’s where we drew our inspiration from. It’s in the everyday things like tying shoelaces, doing a drawing, and going for a walk that the magic can be found.  Everyone is changed by being in a family. We shape and help our children, but our children also shape and help us. Your house has a lot more mess but is also a lot more fun.
Thanks to Adopt London for all their help and for the great work they do.  We hope the poem and animation inspires people to adopt a London child and to have their lives changed!

Here is the other film we made for Adopt London in the spare bedroom during Covid.
'Our Children' is an animation produced by My Pockets for Adopt London from our base in Yorkshire.

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