We were commissioned by Humberside Police to create an animation that would help protect children against exploitation including online grooming, county lines and other forms of modern slavery.   'Anywhere Kids' is aimed at young people aged between 9-11 and empowers them to identify the signs of exploitation in both their own lives and the lives of their friends.  In developing the project we worked with young people who had been exploited to make the story and the design feel authentic.

One of the key challenges those who fight exploitation face is that often the victims do not realise that they are being exploited.  The grooming process removes their ability to understand and challenge what is happening to them.  We hope that the film empowers young people to question how they are being treated and to seek help when things don't seem right to them.  

'Anywhere Kids' is being used in schools in Hull and East Yorkshire and online and is accompanied by workshop activities based on the film.

Created by My Pockets for Humberside Police from our base in Yorkshire

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