'My Stammering Child' is an animation to support parents who have a child that stammers.  My Pockets worked with a group of people of all ages to create the film.  We held discussion groups and creative sessions where people spoke about the impact of stammering on their lives and also how their parents relationship to their stammer impacted their own relationship with it.
As our understanding grew we wrote a poem and then began work on the animation.  The film is voiced by two members of the original group.
The film premiered at Hull Minster at a great event that featured a personal message from Michael Palin as well as a key note speech from Nick Hewer.
The project was supported by Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and Action For Stammering Children and builds on our earlier film 'My Stammering Tap' that has been used all over the world in speech therapy and support.  We hope the new film will be just as useful.

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