We created this animation using balls of wool to celebrate Kinship Carers Week. A kinship carer is someone who takes on a child in their family who otherwise would go into care. These Nana’s, Granddads, Aunts and Uncles make real sacrifices to support some of the most vulnerable young people. 

The film was created in partnership with the Kinship charity.  We worked with Kinship to develop an idea and a script, then bought our wonderful puppet maker Marc Parrett on board to build all the balls of wool.  Next we started animating, right away we could see that these balls of wool had so much feeling and emotion in them.  It was amazing to see them come to life.  Ria Zmitrowicz a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, voiced the film brilliantly. 

The film was released with great impact and really seems to move people.  It was nominated for best film at the National Charity Film Awards 2021 and has over 40,000 views on You Tube.


Narrator Ria Zmitrowicz
Director Peter Snelling
Producer Sally Snelling
Puppets Marc Parret
Music James Price

Created by My Pockets for Kinship Charity from our base in Yorkshire

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