Our new animation 'Dream On' is about waking up but being too scared to open your eyes, because when you open your eyes you will find out that what happened yesterday wasn't a dream.  The film is created with teenagers from Hull Young Voices Influencing Care.
We worked with these brilliant young people to make an animation that challenges people to think differently about what care should be.  It asks us to think differently, to try harder and to dream.  
Over the course of 3 months we developed ideas, then a script before making the animation using cut out paper and illustration.  
The film premiered at Hull City Hall, and has been shared and supported by the Chair the Independent Review of Children's Social Care - Josh MacAlister and the UK's Chief Social Worker Isabelle Trowler.
'Dream on' has gone on to reach people across the UK who are involved in the care system, it has moved people, raised awareness and refocused attention on delivering change.  It won the 'Voice Award' at the UK National Voice Awards and was part of the winning entry into the UK Social Worker Awards. We are very proud of this film and it's impact.
The project was supported by Hull YVIC and Hull City Council.

Director - Peter Snelling
Producer - Sally Snelling
Animator - Julia Colley
Music - James Price

Created by My Pockets for Hull City Council from our base in Yorkshire

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