Foster Carers are heroes!  
We hope you can take the time to watch these animations for Southwark Fostering Service and consider becoming a Foster Carer yourself.  To find out more about Foster Care please click here.
We made the films by talking with young people who have been fostered about the difference their foster carers have made to their lives.  They wanted new Foster Cares to know that they think their Foster Carers have changed the course of their lives.  Could you help a young person?
Some of the differences were big things like feeling safe and some were little things like putting a certificate up on the fridge.  Foster carers are amazing people, we want to celebrate them.  If you think you could be a foster carer either right now or in the future get in touch with your local service and if you live in Southwark then get in touch here.
When listening to the young people who took part in the project we realised that they were almost always talking about love.  Different kinds of love that had been shown to them in different ways.  We realised that we wanted to make films from real materials to show how real the love is.  We didn't want to make digital animations, so we got out our scissors and paper. 
To see all the films we made head over to our You Tube Playlist below.  If you would like to download and share the films on your own social media follow this Google Drive link.

The animations were produced in East Yorkshire by My Pockets for Southwark Fostering Service.

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