'Miracle Life' is a documentary film created with young refugees in Hull.  We worked with these remarkable young people to capture how they felt arriving and living in the city.  Their enthusiasm for the rain, the naked trees and the zebra crossings have inspired us to see our own country in a new light.

'Telling my story was the main thing for me. We are people like you, and this showed a side people don't get to see.'
HODARI - Young filmmaker

The film has been screened at festivals Internationally and won the BFI Into Film Award for Best Documentary.  The award was presented to the team by Daniel Craig in Leicester Square.  As we left the awards ceremony one of the young filmmakers from Syria said it had been the best day of his life.  To be part of a young refugee ending up in London and receiving an award from James Bond was a fantastic moment for us at My Pockets.

Created by My Pockets for Into Film from our base in Yorkshire

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