Monster Extraction is an ongoing My Pockets Project that invites people to create songs, puppets, films and performances about the monsters in their lives.

We have been working with an amazing group of female carers, supported by an organisation ‘Butterflies’, who care for people with Dementia. They have created this beautiful song and video to reflect the effect that these illnesses have on their loved ones and in turn themselves.  The group wrote lyrics and helped designed the Attic Monster with puppet maker Marc Parrett.  Even the contents of the puppet attic are the actual contents of the attics of everyone who took part.

'As things around you fall apart. 
The love remains deep within your heart.'

We created this film with the mums of children with disabilities. Throughout the Covid lockdown we worked with this group of funny, brave and clever women who are all part of Hull and East Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum. Their chosen Monster was the system they have to navigate as they try to support their children and get the help they need. 

The group worked with My Pockets to write lyrics that describe the barriers they face in getting the support they need to look after their children.  They designed each of the envelopes to represent different professionals who have made life harder for them.  The contributed photographs of their lives to be used in the animation.  The film is brave and uncompromising and gives voice to years of battles and frustration.  We should be treating carers much better than we do.

The project also worked on the Orchard Park estate in Hull.  Working with the local community to create a Monster Extraction show.  It featured the monsters of the people who live on the estate and the final performance was attended by over 300 residents.

Monster Extraction is funded by Spirit of 2012, The Department of Culture Media and Sport and Back to Ours.

Director - Peter Snelling
Producer - Sally Snelling
Puppets - Marc Parrett
Music - James Price

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