Fighting Hate Crime with Bouncy Balls.
My Pockets worked with young people from the Youth Voice and Influence Service, Community Youth Services, Sheffield City Council, to create this animation about hate crime.

To begin with we learnt about what Hate Crime is, who it effects and how often it happens. We were supported by South Yorkshire Police who came to talk to the group facilitated by the Youth Voice and Influence youth workers.

When we started to talk - we realised that we wanted to make an animation that was positive. There is so much anger in the world and we could see that to make a film that was negative or frightening would just add to that. We wanted to make something that stepped away from hate. What could be further from hate than a bouncy ball?

Now we had our idea, we wrote a poem and started animating using stop motion and digital techniques. We recorded the narration, made sound effects, music and impersonated the voices of the bouncy balls.

We hope you like our film.

Look after your own and everyone else's bouncy ball and bounce away hate!

This film was created by My Pockets on behalf of the young residents and Sheffield Community Youth Services in South Yorkshire.

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